Tip of the Day: Motion stretching

By Jay Ramos

Be honest. Do you usually stretch before your workout routine?

It’s very easy to overlook, and it’s in our nature to want to jump right into our workouts or games without properly going through a stretching circuit.

The fact is stretching, or flexibility training, helps avoid muscle imbalances and overuse injuries. The potential of your kinetic chain (How you are moving your body) is decreased by limited flexibility as well.

But not only is stretching important overall, how you stretch is just as important.

Before your workout, motion stretching is the way to go. These stretches use force production to take joints though a full range of motion, and double up as a good warm up! Such stretches include walking toes touches, lunges, and tube walking with a mini band.

Miami Basketball Training

Pro Trainer Jay Ramos with an athlete using a mini band to dynamically warm up.














Just a minor tip, but motion stretching before your workouts and games can give you a slight advantage, and every advantage counts!

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