Tip of the Day 10/24/14: Want to get faster? Core comes first

By Jay Ramos

Being effective on the basketball court has as much to do with skills as it does with the condition of our body. When I’m speaking to one of my players, I never tell them I’m a skills trainer or a personal trainer alone. To me, the portion of performance enhancement training I incorporate is specifically designed to translate to the basketball court, and goes hand in hand with the skills we develop.

It’s why I want to offer some advice that will make sure our upcoming program ‘Speed, Agility, Quickness’ can be maximized and you can be the player with the explosive first step and lightning quick feet you will be if you commit to this process.

Guys, let’s talk about core work. Like balance training, it’s an underrated aspect of athleticism that basketball players often don’t focus on. Everyone wants to move fast and jump around, and we will soon, but let’s make sure we put you in a position where your body can respond to our explosive work the way it’s supposed to.

You see, the core is the center of gravity for the body. A weak core causes inefficient movement and can lead to predictable injury. Many people have strong movement muscles, but weak stabilization muscles, and this causes forces not to transfer properly. Meaning: You’er not as fast. You won’t jump as high.

I want to issue everyone a challenge here.

I want everyone to do these two exercises every day. They may seem simple, but follow through and you will feel them.

Two Leg Floor Bridge: Perform at least 20 of these a day. Do it slowly, and hold it for five seconds at it’s peak, before slowly coming down. If you are an advanced athlete, try bringing one leg off the ground and pointing it straight out.

basketball training, core training,

Two-Leg Floor Bridge

The Plank: Perform five stationary planks for roughly 30 seconds each to begin with. Add as you go, or start with less while you adjust. It’s important to give our hips this foundation.

Basketball Training, core training

Le’ Plank

In addition to this, I want you all to do at least 50 push ups a day, and at least 20 overhand and underhand pull-ups a day. Go for more each week.

Let me know your progress in our Facebook group here. Let’s get stronger. Let’s keep building into the athlete we want to be.

Jay Ramos is a professional basketball trainer with Next Level Basketball. He is currently constructing a basketball athleticism program called ‘Speed, Agility, and Quickness’ that will be out in 2014. Check out the preview at NLBTraining.com.

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