Tip of the Day 10/25/14 – Want strong legs? Want to be explosive? Start with Lunges

By Jay Ramos

Although their are countless leg workouts that can help you fortify your lower body, every athlete needs to consider if it is in the best interest of their sport.

For instance, it may be in the best interest of an offensive lineman to squat 400 pounds. That’s great. they need a strong foundation and don’t need to train for vertical or need to be built to be agile.

Are you a basketball player? You ideally want a strong lower body, but you want lean muscle to serve as a foundation for your athletic potential.

It’s why walking lunges are a great workout for basketball players. This versatile exercise promotes stability, strength and explosion at once! Unlike an isolated leg raise, for example, it targets a lot of muscles at once that you fire up on the court at once.

It forces your body to align and promotes coordination. In addition to promoting growth in most muscle groups on your leg, it doubles as a minor balance workout, which we all know is crucial for basketball players in a game where we do a lot of things off of one leg.

Lunges also provide hip stability, which can help your body control on the court.

It’s simply an overall awesome exercise that you can warm up with, or make a primary workout by holding some dumbells on your side, or even further, holding them over your head and doing overhead lunges to challenge your entire body.

*Teaching point: Keep your toes aligned with your knees, and do them slow enough where you get low and push off strongly into your next step.

Basketball Training, Explosion, Vertical Leap

Walking lunges can be performed as follows. Do them slowly and surely as you walk forward.

Let’s get to work.

Let’s get stronger.

Let’s become coordinated and stable, and as soon as we release ‘Speed, Agility, Quickness’ next month, you will have a foundation to use the same drills I use with my NBA and Division I athletes to get them faster on the basketball court.

Jay Ramos is a professional basketball trainer with Next Level Basketball. He is currently constructing a basketball athleticism program called ‘Speed, Agility, and Quickness’ that will be out in 2014. Check out the preview at NLBTraining.com.

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