How To Impress Your Basketball Coaches at Tryouts

What’s going on?

It’s Brandon from Next Level Basketball.

I just wanted to give you my answer to a problem that hundreds of
my players deal with each year…

“Coach B, I’m nervous for tryouts.”

It’s normal. It really is.

I still remember my tryouts from middle school, all the way to

I still remember the air balled warm up shots and the nerves.

But, my response is usually pretty simple…

“Are you prepared? Have you put in the work?”

The reality is… if you have put in the reps– and if you have
made sure your form was right before you did– you’re ready
physically- especially at the middle school and JV level.

If you’re physically ready, that IMMEDIATELY separates you from the
majority of the guys trying out.

But, what you need to know is that you’re not alone.

Everyone is nervous.

Everyone has self doubt.

Some people have it for a reason. They’re not physically prepared.

So if you are, all you need to do is be you. Play your game 100%
and you’ll be fine.

So with no further ado…

Here are 3 things you MUST do to separate yourself at your tryout:

1) Talk to the coach.

Show him you’re respectful. Show him you’re coachable.

I recommend that all of my players ask the coaches if there’s
anything in particular they would like to see from the players
trying out. This shows them that you’re extremely coachable and
eager to pick up what they’re teaching.

2) Assert yourself

You know your skillset. The coach doesn’t.

I tell all my players to be aggressive. If you’re a shooter, pull
the trigger. One shot won’t make or break you, but shooting none

3) Hustle and Do the Little Things

The one area you can control is hustle. Every coach loves hustle.

Great hustle and smart basketball can make up for a lot of things.
On every single team I’ve coached, I have had a player or two who
wasn’t nearly as talented as the others, but hustled harder. As a
coach, you need those guys.

Let’s get it.

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