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Want to excel at High School Basketball? College basketball? Even the Pro level?

Next Level Basketball is at another level- helping you reach that elusive next level!

Next Level Basketball Training is here simply to stick with you until we can get you to that next level you are looking to reach, be it making a junior varsity team or working to play major Division-I college basketball.

With NBA training experience with NBA pros such as Michael Beasley and Scotty Hopson, basketball skills trainer and performance enhancement specialist Jay Ramos has worked with- and helped- players of all ages, positions and skill levels. A certified personal trainer with a strong background in basketball performance, Jay has helped hundreds of basketball players improve their strength, conditioning, speed, agility, quickness, balance, vertical and more. Jay also helps out locally as an assistant coach at Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Sr. High as well as coaching and training within several local travel basketball organizations. Our staff also includes certified personal trainer Brandon Harris, with experience training pro basketball players as well, and Serg Arzanov, a certified personal trainer and fundamental specialist.

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But, part of what makes this “Next Level” training is that we do not just give you a practice-a-week and wish you luck. Our staff has nutrition consulting available and will get you on a diet plan, as well as develop a personal strength and conditioning (Including weight training, balance training, core training, and power development). All of this in addition to our credible basketball curriculum for developing the fundamentals of every position, regardless of skill level.

Our staff also offers video study services, and and consult analytic resources with our professional clients. These advanced statistics templates can offer a lot of insight to developing the games of younger players as well. Through video study and style modeling, our coaches can turn you into a student of the game, and help you achieve that mental edge that the greatest players have! Contact us for basketball skills training in Miami and the surrounding South Florida area.

Come into a new season with refined skills, a new look, new knowledge, new athleticism, and a new attitude can be enough to change your basketball life!

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