Training Tips: Sprained ankle? Here’s how icing works

By Jay Ramos

Sprained ankles. Knee tweaks. Thigh contusions (Bruises). Sore lower back.

The list goes on.

As a serious basketball player, you work hard on the court. And minor injuries come with that. Throughout the course of the season, these little nicks can pile up and treating them actively can keep our body fresh and avoid lingering effects in the long run.

I’m not going to pretend to be a doctor, but I can give you a basic review of how to treat minor issues that commonly arise for athletes.

We’ll focus on the most common injury for a basketball player: The Ankle Sprain.

You must be proactive with injuries, even minor ones! And it starts with icing.

As soon as you’re dealing with an issue of spraining, straining or just general soreness, you should ice the affected area for about 15 minutes three times a day. This should go on for at least 48 hours after you begin feeling symptoms. Ice will bring you relief in the sense that it will bring down the inflammation in the affected area.

You’re ankles and feet are the foundation of what you do as a basketball player, and protecting those assets should be a priority. We want you to perform at the highest level and stay healthy! So ice those ankles three times a day for 48 hours after an injury, get that inflammation down, stretch it out well, and you’ll recover a lot faster.

Jay Ramos is a professional basketball trainer with Next Level Basketball. He is currently constructing a basketball athleticism program called ‘Speed, Agility, and Quickness’ that will be out in 2014. Check out the preview at