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Vertical Jump: Isolated Hip Flexor Work- Basketball Training in Hollywood, FL

Here’s a clip of isolated Hip Flexor and agility training in Hollywood, FL with Hillsborough Community College signee Isaiah Thomas, who is in the lab with Coach Jay’s patented basketball training in Hollywood, FL. Isaiah is a raw talent and the agility training has helped take his game up a notch, given his naturally light physique.

At the beginning of the clip, you’ll see what is a staple of our vertical jump and agility training in Hollywood, FL. The resisted high knees, and resisted explosion work helps our Hollywood basketball training clients is a great, natural way to build on the explosive vertical jump training work that is done with personal trainers in Hollywood, FL in the weight room.

Next, you’ll see that we’re on the agility training ladder isolating our muscles that help us stabilize and move laterally. This is part of a full, well-balanced agility circuit that our Hollywood Basketball training clients go through. We also isolate each leg individually, focusing on moving north & south, as well as straight up, in later exercises on the agility ladder.

Once we’re done with plyometrics and the resistance work, we’re onto the specific basketball training in Hollywood, FL. At this point, we go through game situations, and get repetitions, working on exploding and maximizing every rep.

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Workout was filmed at Nova High School, in Davie, near Hollywood, FL

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